Turkmenistan: Conscripts Hospitalized with Signs of COVID – 19

According to sources, the conscripts who came to serve in the units of the armed forces of the Lebap velayat showed signs of Covid-19 infection.

Туркменистан Харамдаг Бердымухамедов: Денег Нет живи в Лачуге, Будешь Жаловаться Отправим в Тюрьму

После выпуска информации о бездействии властей при ликвидации последствий урагана в Лебапском велаяте и отказе помочь Р. Болтаевой, представители хякимлика г.Туркменабад начали угрожать беременной невестке и сыну Розыгуль.

Turkmenistan: Authorities Continue to Ignore The Spread of COVID-19

Turkmenistan is experiencing a spike of patients with Covid-19 symptoms despite the government’s ongoing denial of the presence of the pandemic. At present, no additional resources have been allocated towards hospitals treating patients with Covid-19 symptoms; furthermore, no new protocols have been put in place for doctors and sanitation workers. Consequently, as no adequate treatment for the patients is available this has left health care professionals incapable to treat presenting symptoms.

The Modern Realities of Medicine in Turkmenistan, and the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

In spite of Turkmenistan’s official denial of the existence of coronavirus, it is present in the country. Under the current conditions, medical institutions in Turkmenistan are unprepared for the pandemic’s outbreak. Clinics lack the necessary equipment. Laboratories are unable to properly conduct tests because of a shortage of chemical agents and not enough test systems delivered from Russia.


The housing of the surviving people was badly damaged, some houses were flooded, power lines were torn down due to which there is still no electricity and water, and the Internet is turned off in Turkmenabad.

Amid the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, Turkmenistan Continues to Deny the Existence of the Coronavirus Cases in the Country

Against the backdrop of Turkmenistan’s denial of coronavirus in the country, the WHO decided to visit the country this week in order to assess the current situation.

Туркменистан: Харамдаг Бердымухамедов Отрицает Наличие Коронавируса. Ашхабад Наводняют Военные

В то время как Харамдаг-Бердымухамедов продолжает отрицать наличие коронавируса в Туркменистане, источники сообщают о непонятных смертельных случаях внутри страны.

Turkmenistan Has its First Case of Coronavirus COVID-19

According to sources, after carrying out COVID-19 tests with the help of test systems supplied from Russia on March 12, cases of infection with Coronavirus (COVID-19) were detected in Turkmenistan.

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