Turkmenistan: Conscripts Hospitalized with Signs of COVID – 19

According to sources, the conscripts who came to serve in the units of the armed forces of the Lebap velayat showed signs of Covid-19 infection.

Turkmenistan: Authorities Continue to Ignore The Spread of COVID-19

Turkmenistan is experiencing a spike of patients with Covid-19 symptoms despite the government’s ongoing denial of the presence of the pandemic. At present, no additional resources have been allocated towards hospitals treating patients with Covid-19 symptoms; furthermore, no new protocols have been put in place for doctors and sanitation workers. Consequently, as no adequate treatment for the patients is available this has left health care professionals incapable to treat presenting symptoms.

Туркменистан: Харамдаг Бердымухамедов Отрицает Наличие Коронавируса. Ашхабад Наводняют Военные

В то время как Харамдаг-Бердымухамедов продолжает отрицать наличие коронавируса в Туркменистане, источники сообщают о непонятных смертельных случаях внутри страны.