About Us

Turkmen Yurt TV – provides a real, objective look at events taking place in Turkmenistan.

Turkmen Yurt TV is part of the human rights organization “Rights and Freedoms of Turkmenistan Citizens”. The mission of RFTC is to clarify and assist the population in protecting their rights and freedoms focusing specifically on the most vulnerable groups such as women medics and women and girls living in poverty.

The main objective of Turkmen TV Yurt is to contribute to the democratization of society and the exit of the Turkmen people from a state of total fear and corruption.

To achieve the above issues, programs are held with representatives of Turkmenistan, as well as occasionally if possible involving people within the state. Representatives of international organizations, human rights organizations, lawyers, and specialists on the region are also invited to the program. Turkmen Yurt TV provides an expert assessment on issues of economics, politics, culture, social status, gender relations, healthcare, the rights and freedoms of prisoners, and an assessment of the situation in prisons of Turkmenistan.