What is Concealed in The Morgue and Concentration Camp of Ovadan Depe

Throughout the past 11 months , the prison Ovadan Depe gave away 4 bodies. Circumstances  and the time of death nobody discloses. The first question that arises in this regard is, why for so many years the law enforcement system of Turkmenistan did not allow any transfer of prisoners and the relatives didn’t receive visitation rights? What are the authorities of Turkmenistan concealing from those who have already been punished for so many years? If these people are no longer alive then who takes the responsibility for their excruciating death?
The answer is obvious, though saddening, but nevertheless probably these people have passed away. As terrible as it is for relatives and friends of those who are still waiting and hoping to find their loved ones, they’re likely long gone. Conditions in the concentration camp under the name Ovadan-Depe are such that it is impossible to stay alive there. The prisoners are not being fed and they get bullied. Hygiene is virtually non-existent. Everything is aimed towards the human being becoming an animal. As with Hitler! In the Nazi concentration camps there were no names only numbers. Niazov and then Berdimuhamedov borrowed this practice of extermination of people from the Nazis. There is good evidence of how prisoners are being treated in the camp and what can happen to them in only 5 months of staying there. What can we say if a person stays in that place for any longer?
So what happened to those who died in the torture chambers of Ovadan-Depe and when did it actually happen?  It is no accident, that when issuing bodies the relatives give a commitment not to carry out the examination of the body and not show the dead body. At the time of the arrest of the first prisoners of Ovan-Depe, Berdymukhamedov was the Minister of Health, and he was responsible for providing health status statistics and mortality of prisoners in the camps. Therefor he did have access to information on the concentration camp Ovadan-Depe. He was provided with it not only as minister of health, but also as a deputy prime minister, supervising the industry. So his answer to the question asked by Peter Zalmaeva about the fate of prisoners in Ovadan-Depe was a blatant lie in order to mislead the international public opinion.
From unofficial sources it has became known that Ovadan-Depe has a mortuary, where the bodies of the dead prisoners are stored from the torture chambers. The bodies are given to relatives subsequently at intervals. Relatives to whom the bodies were returned to, were forced to not set the actual time of death, and not to mention the real cause of death. Indeed, in relation to the missing prisoners, it is guaranteed that many forms of violence and torture have been applied to them, traces of which were left on the bodies.
Regarding the death of many prisoners, particularly Yolly Agayev (a rumor in regards to his death dates back to 2007), yet his body was only issued in 2016. Rumors of the death of H.Kakaeva, M. Nazarov, S.Kandymov, B.Sardzhaev and many others spread in Turkmenistan since 2003. The death of Batyr Berdyev, Guvanch Dzhumaeva, his son and his father date back to 2003-2004. At the time of the arrest of his father Guvanch Dzhumaeva was 70 years old. It is difficult to imagine that the sick and the old man could withstand 15 years of concentration camp. And if you beleive that Guvanch and his son are still alive, why his father’s body wasn’t returned yet and where is it? Their bodies weren’t given to their relatives. Perhaps the bodies themselves were simply destroyed?
That is why, despite calls from the international organizations, the Turkmen authorities can neither show living people, missing persons or present their bodies.

​Translation by Sofia Kyarizova