Turkmenistan: Attack on activist’s mother highlights unrelenting pressure on critical voices

The campaign of the Turkmenistani government against civil society activists, journalists and others who criticize the current state of affairs in the country shows no signs of abating. The Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights (TIHR), The Rights and Freedoms of the Citizens of Turkmenistan (RFCT), International Partnership for Human Rights

Delegation from Turkmenistan Did Not Attend the Opening Ceremony of the OSCE HDMI Meeting

On September 11, 2017, OSCE was hosting the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDMI) in Warsaw. English Subtitles Available It was observed by Turkmen Yurt TV’s representatives that the delegation from Turkmenistan was not present at the opening ceremony. The participants of the meeting consider and make recommendations on procedures and mechanisms for monitoring

Farewell Yimpash

While doing my daily routine of skimming the web and visiting the usual websites that provide some sort of information with regards to the current events in Turkmenistan, I found out that a shopping mall called Yimpash is being forced to shut down. To anyone who doesn't have any connection